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Face Of Beauty International

Encouraging young women to find beauty and become that beauty

Face of Beauty International was created in 2012 as ‘Miss Teen Face of Beauty International 2012’. Now the title ‘Face of Beauty International’ has grown to become an internationally renown beauty pageant. The international beauty pageant has been hosted in the beautiful countries of Thailand, Taiwan,  Mongolia, India. Now it will be hosted in the Philippines. The Face of Beauty International pageant aims to develop young female leaders from around the world with the goal to empower contestants to find beauty and to become that beauty.

Sinds 2017 bezitten we over de licentie van deze prestigieuze verkiezing. Dit voor Face Of Beauty Belgium & Face Of Beauty Benelux           .http://www.faceofbeautyinternational.com/

Face of Beauty Benelux '19

Face of Beauty Belgium '19

Face Of Beauty Benelux '19
Luna Timmerman

Face Of Beauty Belgium '19

Indra Parmentier


Face Of Beauty Benelux '18

Amandine Bonehill


Face Of Beauty Belgium '18

Rani Linseele

Miss Glam World

The Finest beauty pageant from the house of PEGASUS,to find the most beautiful and talented woman from the world.

The event provides a platform for young girls with dreams in their starry eyes but no formal opportunity or backing to launch themselves in to much coveted career in fashion film and advertising and allied glamour industries. We intend to create a platform for the untrained to elicit enthusiasm for trained eye. We bring the knock in through a title event, grooming them to be able to live through any situation and condition with elan

The aim of the pageant is to bring out and appreciate the genuine beauty and inherent talents of young Asian Women. Miss Asia along with Miss South India, and Miss Queen of India which are also conducted by Ajit Ravi Pegasus are the only beauty pageants in the country which does not judge a women’s beauty with a bikini or other similar rounds.

Sinds 2019 bezitten we over de licentie van deze prestigieuze verkiezing. 

Miss Glam 
Benelux '19

Miss Glam
Belgium '19 & '20

Miss Glam Benelux '19
Lilli Vanhoolst


Miss Glam Belgium '19

Aimie Wydooghe


Miss Glam Belgium '20

Jamie-Lee Soenens